How does it work?

The Digital Business card is the new professional way to connect and share your contact information quickly and easily.

What is a Digital Business Card?

A Digital Business Card is a simple way to share your contact details. MyOneTap Digital Business Card uses NFC & QR technology, which enables you to share your contact information quickly & easily.

Go digital where you can share & save contact information in real-time quickly

1- Select your Card Plan

Choose one of our card plans based on your need. Go with the PRO plan and get a personal profile page or select the BASIC plan where you can share your contact information with only one tap

2- Create your Business Profile

Once you select one of our Business Card Plan and complete your purchase, you will receive a link by email where you can register all you information (contact details, Social Media..) and create your Profile Page.

3- Print & Ship

Once we receive your order, your MyOneTap digital business card will be programmed, printed and shipped within 24h

4- Ready to use

Share your contact information with MyOneTap digital business card and take your marketing game to the next level.

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